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2021 Tournament Rules and Format


Typical Gym Rules and Regulations

*Updates will continue to occur- We will do our best to accommodate all teams to play 7 matches, however, due to continual cancelations, match play may be impacted.

  1.   No food or beverages (except water) can be brought into the gym. This includes keeping all coolers and unopened food packages outside.
  2.   NO coolers are allowed inside the facility.
  3.   For the safety of those on the court, please do not ball handle in between or at the end of courts.
  4.   Please keep walkways clear of chairs, blankets, etc as this is a fire regulation.

We ask the coaches cooperation in enforcing these rules.

Game and Forfeit Times

Please note that matches may begin before the scheduled time. Matches will begin approximately 10 minutes following the conclusion of the preceding match. If a team is late, they will be penalized one point per minute from the designated starting time. At the conclusion of fifteen minutes game one becomes a forfeit. At the end of an additional ten minutes, the second game and match will be a forfeit. All penalties are ruled upon by the tournament staff.

Officiating Assignments

Each team is responsible for providing: 1 second referee (please provide your own whistle), 2 linespersons, 1 official scorekeeper, 1 libero scorekeeper, and 1 visible scoreboard keeper when they are assigned as the officiating team.

If the assigned officiating team is late to their assignment, they will be responsible to officiate the remainder of that match and will be penalized a point per minute on their next match. Failure to officiate for an entire assigned match will result in the forfeit of the next game. If a team is late for the last match of the day or misses the assignment, the penalty as described above will carry over to the next day and/or round.

Pool play assignments – The work team for each pool will be designated within the pool schedule.

Elimination bracket assignments – The losing team will remain on their court to officiate the next match. First or second round teams who will officiate in the first round will be designated (boxed) within the bracket.

Determining Pool Results – (Rounds 1 and 2) Round 1 and part of Round 2 played on Saturday- Balance of Round 2 played on Sunday

Pool finishing order will be determined by 1) match record 2) game record 3) point ratio.
Point Ratio – The number scored divided by the number scored against.
Game Ratio – The number games won divided by the total number of games played.

In the case of a two-way tie (matches identical) head to head results will be the determining factor.

In case of a three way tie in Rounds 1 or 2, with match and games identical for all team, the pool finish will be determined by 1) matches 2) games 3) point percentage.

Scoring System

Match play (two out of three) rally point scoring system. Scoring will be rally points to 25, with no cap, win by two. The deciding game will be rally scoring to 15, with no cap, win by two, and switch at 8. Because of the rally point scoring method, teams will now have three options at the coin toss: to serve, to receive, or to take choice of court.

Protest Procedure

If a protest is to be filed it must be done at the time of the incident, no later. Only the floor captain may file the protest. The protest will be ruled upon by the head official immediately. A protest cannot be filed after the completion of the match. Judgment calls may NOT be protested.


There will be trainers available during the duration of the tournament.

Warm Up Procedure

A 10 minute warm up will be given for each team’s first match of the day ONLY! This includes 2 minutes of shared ball handling, and 4 minutes per team for hitting and serving.
An 8 minute warm up … 4 minutes per team for hitting and serving… will be used for the remainder of the matches

Uniform Regulations

Shirts with numbers are mandatory for all teams. Please note that the shirts MUST have numbers on the front and back of the jersey and the numbers must be contrasting with that of the shirt. The numbers 0 and 00 are not allowed.

Jewelry Regulation

For the safety of all, players will not be permitted to play while wearing jewelry on any body part. Tape may not be used to cover jewelry. All jewelry must be removed.

Tournament Format – **Pool formatting as described below is updated frequently- if discrepancies occur contact tournament director or reference pool sheets posted at the venue.

Elite Division – 14 teams
The Elite Division will begin with 2 pools of 7 beginning play on Saturday morning and continuing into Sunday.  The 2 first place teams will play for the championship on Sunday afternoon.

Varsity Division – 40 teams
The Varsity Division will begin with 10 pools of 4, beginning play on Saturday morning and continuing into Sunday. On Sunday all 1st place teams and only a portion of the 2nd place teams will advance to the upper playoffs. 

Junior Varsity Division – 24 teams
The Junior Varsity Division will begin with 6 pools of 4 beginning play on Saturday morning and continuing into Sunday. On Sunday the top three 1st place teams and the top 2nd place team from Pool 3 will advance to upper playoffs.

Frosh/Soph Division – 25 teams
The Frosh/Soph Division will begin with 5 pools of 4 and 1 pool of 5 beginning play on Saturday morning and continuing into Sunday. On Sunday the top three 1st place teams and the top 2nd place team from Pool 3 will advance to upper playoffs.


Coaches Check-in

Coaches will be required to check in on Saturday by 7:30am at the entrance at their teams location. Information regarding the tournament will be provided prior to the start of the tournament. Tournament staff can answer any specific questions regarding the tournament. There will be directions to the tournament desk at the entry ticket table.
As soon as the seeding is completed, the complete schedules will be available.


Wristbands are required to be worn by everyone, except players. Upon check in, each coach will get two coach wristbands per team per day. 

Thank you.

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